Message from Executive Producers of RADIO ADDA

Exclusive Bangladeshi Radio "RADIO ADDA" by Sunny & Rahim here at Dallas-Fort Worth and all over the globe.

We are on our way to 4th year of service to locally at Dallas-Fort Worth and all over the globe via net. RADIO ADDA’s birthday is July 31st, 2013.

We like to take a moment to thanks our RJ’s:

Tania, Rahee & Tanveer. Also thanks to entire group of sponsors, advertisers, supporters and RADIO ADDA’s fans. Without their help, feedback and support we cannot come this far ever!!! This is longest Bangladeshi Radio program.

Thanks to all of you from bottom our heart.


Sunny & Rahim

Good information:

Listen RADIO ADDA from smart phone and on the go… so no excuse J

Method 1: Please search for “FunAsia” app and download, so you can listen to us every Saturday 2:00PM-3:00PM on 1110AM.

Method 2: You can download “TuneIn Radio” app and navigate using following steps: By Location > North America > United States > Texas > Dallas-Fort Worth > and choose 700 AM (even though we are on 1110 AM locally, this 1110 AM mapped to online version 700AM) and enjoy all over world.

Method 3: View our program and listen same time. Go to and choose FunAsia AM and enjoy.

Method 4: Go to and click 1110AM


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